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Canine Genetics

Principles of Genetics

Two articles from the Continental Kennel Club introducing principles of genetics and crossbreeding, with an emphasis on dogs.

Canine Genetics Resources

Collection of useful references to canine genetics resources.

NHGRI Dog Genome Project

A project to develop resources necessary to map and clone canine genes.

Genetic analysis using a vertical pedigree.

Genetic analysis using a vertical pedigree.

Animal Genetics

Basic Genetics.How genes work, dominant, incompletely dominant and recessive genes, breeding probabilities, Punnett squares,

Institute of Genetics

Institute of Genetics

The Canine Heritage® Breed Test

The Canine Heritage® Breed Test, developed by the pioneer in canine breed identification and a recognized leader in DNA technology, can help unravel the mystery of your mixed-breed pup. How often have you been asked: What kind of dog is that? This DNA-based diagnostic test can give you the answer by comparing your dog's DNA to over 100 of the most popular breeds.