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Choosing a Dog

Dog Infomat: Researching Different Types of Dogs

Includes information on choosing a dog- mixed breed or purebred? Puppy or adult? Network listings for the best places to get your dog (shelters, rescues, breeders).

Buying A Puppy: What to Look For

Written by a breeder. Includes warning signs to watch for and questions to ask when purchasing a puppy to avoid unscrupulous breeder tactics.

Digital Dog: Choosing Your Dog

Article about the many considerations to think about before bringing a new dog into the household. Includes information about training, grooming, sleeping, feeding and activity levels.

SoYouWanna: Choose the Right Dog for You

This article gives advice on breed selection, where to look for a dog, and spay and neuter information.

How to Recognize a Bad Dog Breeder

How to Recognize a Bad Dog Breeder, A very few breeders are downright evil and fail to provide for even the basics of their animals' needs. A few more are mentally ill, living in filthy homes packed to the rafters with freely mating dogs. These people are fairly easy to spot and avoid - unless their pups are cleaned up and sold elsewhere. Some backyard breeders are not uncaring, they're just uninformed. They don't know that many of the dogs they produce can end up in shelters or spend their lives in pain from a congenital illness. They want a litter "so the kids can see," or because "puppies are fun," or because they heard breeding dogs is an easy way to make a little money. They aren't bad people, but they're still not good breeders. A few things that should give you pause when dealing with a breeder:

PuppyFinder: Resources for Finding and Raising a Puppy

Puppy breed selector, puppy advice and tips, breeder directory and current dog news- resources for those who plan to buy a dog.

Dogs in Depth: Choosing a Dog For Your Lifestyle

Encyclopedia of world dog breeds with photos, information about these breeds, and a guide to help select the best dog breed for one's lifestyle.

K9 Web: Selecting a Dog Breed

A collection of articles and FAQs regarding dog breed selection.

Dog Paw Print- Choosing a Dog For Your Family

Includes information about how individual breed group characteristics fit with family personalities, a selection quiz for choosing a dog, ideas for dog names and dog coloring pages.

Puppy Mills: Learn How to Avoid Puppy Mills when Choosing a Dog

What to look for when purchasing a dog, and what not to do. How to find a good breeder. Includes relevant questions to ask a breeder to ensure that your dog will be healthy and well-adjusted.

Cape Rose Toy Poodles: Choosing a Dog

Information specific to toy poodles from Cape Rose Toy Poodles, including how to choose, what to look for in a reputable breeder, care of the breed and links to rescue groups and clubs.

The Springer Puppy Internet Search: Choosing a Dog

Advice specific to English Springer Spaniels, with information about how to locate a reputable breeder and what to look for in the breed when choosing a dog.

DogTime: Finding the Right Dog

Articles, a forum, and match-up tools to help individuals figure out which dog is best for them.

Raising Spot: How to Choose a Puppy or Dog

Information and advice about how to select a breed, choose from a litter, and how to administer the puppy aptitude test.

Pointing Labs: Choosing a Dog

Information about choosing a pointing lab, including characteristics of the breed, temperament, and their role as both a hunting dog and a family dog.

Dog Obedience Training Review: Choosing a Dog Breed

Includes breed characteristics, health considerations and training information for the most popular American Kennel Club breeds.

How To Do Things: How To Choose a Dog for an Apartment

Article that examines both the best types of dogs to choose for apartment living, as well as ones that are best to steer clear from if you live in a smaller living space in close proximity to other people.

American Kennel Club - About Buying a Dog

The AKC recognizes over 150 different breeds of dog, and each of these breeds has its own unique temperament, appearance, activity level and set of needs. You should do some serious and careful research to determine which breed of dog is right for you and your family.

Choosing a German Shepherd Puppy article, featuring tips and advice on choosing this top 10 US breed. Choosing the perfect German Shepherd puppy does require a great deal of time, effort and energy, but this investment will be well worth it before you acquire your dog.

My Dog Breed: Buying a Dachshund- What to Look for

Learn all about what to look for in a Dachshund breeder and in the breed, including standards, health issues, and training and housebreaking concerns.