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Musical Freestyle

Musical Freestyle

A new sport for dogs - dancing with your dog.

Freestyle! Dancing With Dogs

Freestyle obedience is dancing with dogs! A description of this relatively new sport with photos and links

Canine Freestyle Federation, Inc.

Canine Freestyle is a choreographed performance with music, illustrating the training and joyful relationship of a dog and handler team.

Musical Freestyle Page

Links, articles, photos, videos on the new sport of Canine Musical Freestyle.

Canine Freestyle Federation: home page

Canine Freestyle is a choreographed performance organized with music, illustrating the training and joyful relationship of a dog and handler team. ...

Richard Curtis is a canine freestyle, heelwork to music, dancing ...

Richard curtis is an expert in heelwork to music and canine freestyle who provides workshops and the k9 freestyle dancing dog display team.

Musical canine freestyle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Musical canine freestyle—also known as musical freestyle, freestyle dance, and canine freestyle—is a modern dog sport that is a mixture of obedience, ...

MDSA - Musical Dog Sports Association

15 Feb 2009 ... Created by freestylers for freestylers, the Musical Dog Sport Association (MDSA) was formed to advance the sport of canine freestyle and to ...

Dogdance heelwork to music or canine musical freestyle with attila ...

Need an answer to your most important question on how to improve your training for your heelwork or canine musical freestyle routine? ...

Canine Musical Freestyle | Paws 2 Dance

Canine Musical Freestyle is a sport everyone can do with their dogs.

Dancing Dogs Video: Canine Musical Freestyle: Pepper

Even though she excels in dog obedience, earned a breed championship, agility titles, and loves herding sheep, canine musical freestyle is her forte. ...

Dance With Your Dog - Learn from the Canine Freestyle Expert!

In the three Dancing With Your Dog videos that Sandra Davis made with the incomparable Pepper and the irrepressible Jabba, you can learn how you and your ...


31 Aug 2008 ... Canine Freestyle is what you get when you take a dog and a handler and throw in some music, a little creativity, and a whole lot of fun! ...

Chesapeake Rock N' Rovers Canine Musical Freestyle Club Home Page

The Chesapeake Rock N' Rovers is a canine musical freestyle club based in Beltsville, Maryland. The club holds its meetings mostly at the Canine Training ...

Newfoundland Club of America: Canine Musical Freestyle

Canine Musical Freestyle is a creative blend of traditional obedience, tricks, and 'dance' movements which are choreographed and performed to music. ...

Dancing with Dogs

The new sport of canine musical freestyle. By Charlene Dunlap. THE AD WAS IN BIG , bold letters -- COME AND LEARN HOW TO DANCE WITH YOUR DOG. ...

Canine Musical Freestyle Workshop

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Canine Freestyle « Honey the Great Dane

3 Oct 2008 ... Canine Freestyle' or 'Heelwork to Music' (HTM), as it is sometimes known, uses clicker training and food rewards to teach dogs a series of ...

Golden Retriever Fun - Light 'n Free-Style

Canine Freestyle, as defined by the Musical Dog Sport Association (MDSA), is "a dog sport in which training, teamwork, music, and movement combine to create ...